LETTER: Landmarks in old photograph

Further to publication on September 26 of the photo I lent to the County Times (‘View from Denne Hill’), the naming of the church in the photo was by the County Times.

Sunday, 13th October 2013, 8:00 am
Your letters

Those of us who have lived in Horsham all our lives, and we are many, would have spotted the error and would know all the relevant landmarks.

However, landmarks would be irrelevant to residents who have only resided in Horsham in later years, say 1990 onwards, unless accompanied by information on current replacements and locations.

If residents would wish to find their way to the top of Denne Hill, in the same spot, they can see the present day view compared to the 1950 photo. Better still if someone with a super camera (Horsham Photographic Club) could take a photo of the panoramic view and present it to the County Times for publication and comparison.

If one looks at the centre of the photo one can see the train in the station which would travel either to London or Littlehampton.

The Southdown bus station at the bottom left of the photo was opposite the present Normandy Centre and has now been replaced by Old Denne Gardens, Denne Road.

Its original façade can be found in Amberley Chalk Pits Museum.

The large white building, the Odeon Cinema, was located just off the North East corner of the Carfax on the left of Chart Way.

St Mark’s spire is adjacent and south of the Sun Alliance building that bestraddles Albion Way.