LETTER: Hunt for relative of composer

A few years ago I was assisting the driver on a Roadmark Travel coach excursion to London. The excursion was called ‘London in Song’ and was a very successful and jolly day out with music and song from the days of music hall to The Lambeth Walk and Noel Coward’s London Pride.

Monday, 16th February 2015, 5:00 am
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A hearty sing-song on the journey home included one well-known to music hall enthusiasts, ‘Lily of Laguna’ by Leslie Stuart, a famous (in his day) composer who I recall, in a film of his life, was played by Robert Morley.

As we were saying goodbye to passengers leaving the coach in Horsham, a man confided in me that Leslie Stuart was his great-grandfather. My grandfather was on the halls and the songs of that period are of great interest to me.

I would very much like to meet this passenger again, particularly as the Roadmark programme includes another ‘London in Song’ excursion in March.

The passenger list which would have included his name is no longer on the computer.

If you are able to print my letter, and if he should read it, I would be so grateful to know his name and to make contact with him. Please call 01903 815242 or write to me at 1 Penlands Rise, Steyning, BN44 3PJ.


Penlands Rise, Steyning