LETTER: Cyclists facing pot hole hazards

The enthusiastic public support for the start of the Tour de France right here in England, plus the world successes of our international cycling stars, proves that we are very much a cycling nation.

Sunday, 27th July 2014, 6:00 am
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In the interest of health alone many public authorities are enthusiastically encouraging more people to take up cycling.

Not so it seems the WSCC. Having been relieved of the responsibility of maintaining our county’s main roads it seems to have lost interest in ensuring our minor roads are safe and fit for use, particularly for our growing numbers of cyclists many of whom find our main roads daunting, as indeed they are.

Pot holes such as the one pictured in the parish of Shipley have remained in this condition for months. These and others like them are to be found all over West Sussex and are potential death traps.

Doubtless the large numbers of existing pot holes will be blamed on unusual weather conditions. The UK is an island and as such surrounded by seas and winds, our usual conditions range from extreme to extreme and everything in between.

It is incumbent upon highway authorities therefore to create contingency plans to deal adequately with all conditions likely to occur.


Bakers Lane, Dragons Green