LETTER: Councillor rises are unwarranted

I just have to say I think the county councillors awarding themselves a substantial rise and increasing all of their allowances is an abuse of power.

Friday, 6th December 2013, 3:11 pm
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I don’t think I know of anyone else who has the chance to agree their own rises, apart from bankers!

A similar situation has happened in Wiltshire and a local businessman is setting up a petition to dismiss all councillors who voted themselves huge increases.

Maybe this is something that the people of West Sussex have to do to remind those people in power that they are still accountable.

Councillors should not be able to award themselves rises, this should be done by an outside body.

Any rises or allowance increases awarded should be in line with the workers employed by the local authority.

West Sussex County Council has to save £140 million over the coming years and councillors should be the first people to ensure no unwarranted expenditure is agreed and these increases are unwarranted.