LETTER: Council depriving the community

HDC is now proceeding to close the Indoor Bowls Centre June of this year, and not replace it. Although they do say ‘either four rinks for bowls or an ice-rink’ in the WSCT. What a joke, don’t kid yourselves, there will be no ice-rink.

Saturday, 8th March 2014, 7:00 am
Your letters

For a bowling club to be viable at County Club level, at least six rinks are needed, plus changing rooms, (heavy bowls, shoes etc), a restaurant, not a cafe, as after a game our visiting teams, with the home side, relax, have a meal before the journey home as many of the teams are from far away.

This council (Jonathan Chowen) intends to deprive the older members of the community, our young County players, junior section and blind bowlers of our sports facility and social centre. Over 400 members in total, not only from Horsham area, but as far afield as Rustington, Littlehampton and Chiddingfold.

At this present time dedicated members of our bowling fraternity are visiting schools and teaching our children bowls, all approved by HDC, so where, if the children feel that this is their sport, are they supposed to practice and play?

The older fraternity of bowlers spend as much as 4/5 mornings/afternoons a week enjoying the activity of bowling, a facility used both winter and summer.

We have all made deep friendships, helped each other where possible, and in the case of our widows and widowers, somewhere to go to have a laugh, a chat, and game of bowls, not stuck in the four walls of their homes.

Well done Jonathan Chowen, Cabinet Member for Arts, Heritage and LEISURE, not only for closure, but for the notice of ONLY three and a half months.

If this is not bulldozing I don’t know what is.


Woodlands Way, Southwater