LETTER: Annoyance over cost of repair

I wish to add comment to Richard Lowe’s letter regarding the state of the road surface in Manor Fields.

Thursday, 22nd May 2014, 6:00 am
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Five years ago we contacted West Sussex County Council about the road and pavement outside our house. Subsidence in both have caused a V-shape where the road meets the pavement.

The consequence is that whether we enter or exit our driveway forwards or backwards, we have to proceed inch by inch to avoid hitting the underside of the car either on the road or pavement. Visitors to our home have to be advised of this problem, in order to avoid damage to their vehicles. However the council refused to effect any repairs, despite having witnessed our friend’s car being scraped whilst leaving our driveway.

It is a constant headache, and so we decided to raise the issue again with the council this year, whilst reporting the many potholes in the road. They have now agreed that the repair should be completed, but they do not have the funds, and have told us that if we want to proceed, then we must pay.

The subsidence may well have been caused by the No 98 buses, as mentioned by Richard Lowe, as our house is on a bend where the buses lean over prior to going round the corner. However the responsibility for this matter should be agreed between the council and the bus company.

So, reluctantly, we have contacted a local contractor to carry out the repair work, because we can’t stand the situation any longer. It really annoys me that we are having to pay for a repair to the council’s property, and the cost is substantial.


Manor Fields, Horsham