Facts, figures and a political spat

Councillor Roger Arthur (Con) in his letter published in the WSCT of January 10 in which he challenged previously supposed misleading statements made by David Holmes (LibDem) refers amongst other issues to the New Homes Bonus

Friday, 25th January 2013, 3:26 pm


In doing so, he states that all the NHB monies are being taken to Revenue rather than to Reserves as was previously intimated by councillor Holmes. In fact the monies are being taken into an account which Horsham District Council refers to as the ‘General Fund Revenue Reserves’. Revenue or Reserves? Take your pick!

What concerns me more is not to which account the funds are going to but how they will be spent when they get there!

According to the figures published within this General Fund Revenue Reserves Account an amount of £3.3m is anticipated to be received in the form of NHB between now and March 2016.

Out of this account has been earmarked £2.4m to maintain three indoor swimming pool complexes in Horsham, Billingshurst and Steyning.

Well, that’s comforting to know!

The Government Policy directive updated as late as December 10, 2012 states, ‘Local councils can decide how to spend the NHB.

However, we expect local councils to consult communities about how they will spend the money, especially communities where housing stock has been increased’.

I have to tell you now that no consultation has taken place with the parish of Pulborough which has accepted a large proportion of that new housing stock within the last few years.

I endorse and agree with your reader Mr Kornycky’s comments in last week’s issue.

Don’t let the facts and figures get in the way of a minor political spat between two opposing political representatives.


Batts Lane, Pulborough