Donation for brain injury trust

We a delighted to announce that The Brain Injury RehabilitationTrust’s Kerwin Court has received a generous donation from Horsham’s Carfax Lodge

Tuesday, 14th January 2014, 2:25 pm
JPCT 100114 S14030018x The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trusts Kerwin Court receive donation from Horshams Carfax Lodge. Danny Hilliard, Worshipful Master, Peter Lewis, 50th Year Worshipful Master and Wendy Fletcher, Service Manager -photo by Steve Cobb

Members of Carfax Lodge organised a “Ladies Festival dinner” raising £1,700 for Kerwin Court who plan to spend the money on three new computers for the service users.

The computers will be used for theirrehabilitation, allowing them to practice cognitive exercises and improve social activity opportunities via Facebook and Skype.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex donated an extra £600 to the original £1,100, due to a scheme called Matched Funding for registered charities in the Province of Sussex. A final total of £1700 was raised for Kerwin court.

Carfax Lodge decided to donate the money raised to Kerwin Court as a tribute to Henry Drury, a friend who died of a brain aneurism two years ago.

Peter Lewis of Carfax Lodge believes that it “seemed appropriate to make a donation to a trust that helps others with brain injuries”

Wendy Fletcher, Service Manger of Kerwin Court, is delighted with the donation. She believes that the service users “have a better opportunity to express themselves using non-verbal methods, as well as being able to participate in what was previously an inaccessible activity”.

This is the best possible start to the New Year and a new beginning for many of the service users.

Kerwin Court were presented with a cheque on Friday 10th of January at 11am by Peter Lewis and Danny Hilliard from The Carfax Lodge, Horsham.

Report contributed by Christopher Claxton.