Dads come up trumps at workshop

Parents from West Sussex and Surrey enjoyed an insightful and well-presented course run by Elizabeth O’Shea, the Happy Childhood Expert.

Saturday, 20th June 2015, 4:46 pm
One-day parenting course in Horsham SUS-150615-164534001

The workshop on On Sunday, May 17 was appropriately named, ‘The Essential Secrets of Having Well-Behaved Happy Children.’ The day was held at Park Barn, in Horsham, and it was an astounding success in more ways than one, as surprisingly almost double the number of dads attended as mums.

It appears that dads are no longer content to sit on the side-lines. They want to be more involved in their children’s lives and get a full toolbox of parenting tools and techniques so they can be really good dads.

Elizabeth was delighted to find how many dads want to really enhance the relationship they have with their children, and make sure that they’re handling issues the right way. From disciplining the children without raising their voice, to getting their children off computer games, or the best way to get the children to sleep at night.

Elizabeth said: “I was surprised that so many Dads turned up. There were nine dads and five mums. I think dads are realising that parenting has changed. And they want to take an active part in bringing up their children. There are so many issues today that parents didn’t have to face 10 or 15 years ago. But both parents are realising that there are solutions to difficulties they’re facing. There is help available. And that they can solve issues that they’ve struggled with for years. Mums and dads work so hard, they want to be able to enjoy their children and family when they get home and have some quality time without lots of fusses.”

Elizabeth has run a number of courses in local schools recently, and over 90 per cent of the parents attending were mums. However it now appears that the dads are realising that the techniques and new approaches to raising children really work. They want to be great dads and make sure they have a close relationship with their children. The fact that the workshop was held on a Sunday allowed parents who couldn’t commit to a weekly course to attend.

Elizabeth added: “Only good parents come on my courses. The ones who are willing to invest their time and energy in giving their children a happy childhood”

Norman Carreck, who attended the course said: “I think we have already made great strides through my wife attending Elizabeth’s earlier course, but I hope that now I can fully take part and be consistent.” Another participant, Pip Squirrell added “Elizabeth was brilliant and kept me captivated all day with her ideas and written information. Class participation was invaluable hearing people with similar problems and using our own examples made everything more clear. I will be going home to practise what Elizabeth has preached!”

Any parents who are interested in future courses, or 1:1 parenting sessions can contact Elizabeth at Parent 4 Success, on 01403 839683, or visit her website to access lots of free advice and resources for parents.

Report and picture contributed by Elizabeth O’Shea.