Children bike it to breakfast

On Thursday 28th November, Billingshurst Primary School celebrated the launch of its Bike It program with a ‘Bike It Breakfast.’ And what a breakfast it was! Our expectations were far exceeded when over 150 pupils and parents showed up bright and early Thursday morning with helmets in hand and glowing cheeks.

Friday, 6th December 2013, 1:00 pm

A pretty incredible turnout considering Billingshurst Primary virtually has no cycling infrastructure, and very few pupils currently cycle into school. But it shows that there is very real interest! The pupils absolutely loved it, and word has it that there are many more who could not make the first ‘Bike It Breakfast’ and so are clamouring for a second!

Philip Burroughs said: “It is really great to see that so many pupils are keen to actively travel to school and that their parents support them. It is the one journey that they will be making almost every day for the rest of their lives, and if they can travel it in a way that is fun and active, they will be that one step closer to living a happier and healthier life!”

Of course, there would have been no ‘Bike It Breakfast’ without an actual breakfast. Kavanagh’s Budgens generously supported the breakfast by providing array of fruit, juice, cereals, toast, muffins, pancakes and yogurts for the ravenous pupils and parents who arrived early Thursday morning.

Store Manager, Morgan Rees comments: “We are always keen to support our local community and especially for such a worthwhile scheme. It was great to see so many children with their siblings and parents attend the breakfast.”

This ‘Bike It Breakfast’ was the first event of many that will be held in Billingshurst Primary School.

As a fledgling Bike It School, Billingshurst Primary will be engaging pupils and parents throughout the year to build a culture of active travel in the school and to enable those pupils and parents who want to change or experiment with their travel to school.

Report and picture contributed by Bik-Kay Talbot.