Horsham traffic review is needed

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As I read in your paper, there will almost certainly be increased traffic in the area of the College of Richard Collyer and Horsham Hospital in Hurst Road and the immediate surrounding roads!

This will definitely need a total review of both parking and traffic flow arrangements due to problems already being suffered.

The way people park at morning peak and afternoon/early evening pick up times regularly cause delays to bus services and will, sooner or later, delay any/all of the emergency services on callout, this is partly due to many attending the Rainbow Suite blood-testing facility and indiscriminate parking by both parents and driving school personnel (usually in the Gordon Road, Richmond Road areas).

None of this selfishness allows for buses and other large vehicles requiring to use these roads even before any further development.

There is course also the problem of the contractors’ vehicles not being able to gain access to site when they arrive as has happened at other developments and lack of presence of parking staff when required!

Ken Baldwin

Robert Way, Horsham