Going through old clothes and helping charity is good fun!


Hi kids! I’ve been having an exciting week, Chipsters! My best friend, Hedgy the Hedgehog was allowed to come over and play after school every day!

On Tuesday after school, Hedgy and I got home and started playing in the garden straight away. We pretended to be aliens who had landed on earth and had to report back our discoveries to the spaceship.

We discovered a small green monster (which was really a frog!) and some very odd slimy creatures made of shells (which were actually snails!).

On Wednesday after school, mum taught us how to make lovely lemonade. I loved it! It was so tasty, but Hedgy said it was too sour and would rather have some water. We took a picnic blanket outside and put it under the big tree, and dad brought out some juicy watermelon for us to eat.

We took big huge bites and by the end we were covered in juice and pips! Hedgy loved the watermelon and asked if there was any more he could eat!

On Friday afternoon mum and dad asked if we could help them find things for the charity shop.

Mum said that by giving old clothes and toys that we didn’t need to the charity shop, we would be helping people in need!

All the things Hedgy and I found were double-checked by mum, to make sure that they were clean and OK to give away! In the end we had a bin bag full of too-short trousers, old books and some shoes that I had grown out of!

We took the bag to the charity shop and they were very happy and said that it was very helpful of us. They told us that not only were we helping people, but we were helping the environment as we were also recycling! Mum was so pleased, she let us pick a toy each from the charity shop!

Who knew giving away things we don’t need did so much good, as well as being fun!?
Chip chip for now!

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