Francis Maude: happy and rewarding role for intern

Horsham MP Francis Maude
Horsham MP Francis Maude

This week I’m handing over to the newest member of my House of Commons team, Southwater resident, Miguel, as he fills readers in on joining my office:

“This time last year, as I braced myself for my final year of university, I could no longer put off the existential question which had been plaguing me for quite some time: what am I going to do after Uni?

“Not knowing the answer, my immediate reaction – motivated by fear more than anything else – was to send out a flurry of emails, CVs and cover letters. Mr Maude, a victim of this email outburst, kindly agreed to let me shadow him on two separate occasions – in Horsham and then Westminster – and, six months later, I now happily find myself interning in his Westminster office.

“The first few weeks of my internship proved quite surreal. I could not believe that I was working in a place of such historical, cultural and, of course, political significance. Going on a guided tour of Parliament only heightened this sense of wonderment as I roamed the rooms and corridors which had played host to so many of our nation’s key events. And, of course, I’ll never forget the first time I sat in on a debate in the House of Commons – it’s a lot smaller than how it looks on TV.

“Over a month into my internship now, I’m starting to feel more settled within my role and find it more enjoyable with each passing day. In a nutshell, my job consists in helping Mr Maude address the problems and concerns brought to him by Horsham constituents.

“This makes for widely varied work as no two problems are the same nor do they require the same kind of response.

“More importantly, however, the job itself is very rewarding as I get to help real people with their problems, whatever these may be.

“What’s the most interesting thing I’ve done so far, you ask? Probably, replying to the constituents who wrote in about the Syria vote. This involved getting to grips with the key facts surrounding the Syria conflict which proved thoroughly fascinating.

“To conclude, I count myself very lucky to be doing this internship.

“I have greatly benefited from it already and this is due, in no small part, to my wonderful colleagues in the office who have been extremely helpful, patient and supportive; and, of course, to Mr Maude for giving me this opportunity. Returning to my initial question, it seems my existential fears have finally been assuaged; for the time being, anyway.”