Even us dogs have to stay out of the sun, Chipsters!


Hi kids. THE PAST few weeks I have loved the amazing weather we have had!

For me it means longer walks in the park and trips down to Bognor beach, where I love to dive into the sea – even when my mum and dad refuse to... Luckily my fur is very short and pale so I am kept cool in the bright sun, unlike some of my Alsatian and husky pals who have very warm coats!

I have had great fun staying out all day in the sunshine.

One day we arrived home after a long walk around Chichester where we were watching the Red Arrows in the sky, like in this picture.

Imagine my surprise when mum looked hard at me and then started inspecting some of the skin hidden under my fur.

Apparently my nose had gone slightly red, which I thought was normal when looking at all the humans down on the beach!

The rest of my skin had also turned a dark pink and was starting to itch. That night I couldn’t sleep because my whole body felt very hot and irritated.

Today it isn’t so bad but mum and dad have been covering me in sun cream ready for our next outing. Next-door’s cat looked very smug about this, but now at least now I can enjoy the sun safely... I suppose this old dog will have to learn a few new tricks!

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