Changes to Broadbridge Heath road system will increase congestion

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We have been away and have missed several copies of the County Times.

We were taken aback by the letter from Mrs H.K. Barnes referencing proposed changes to the road system at Broadbridge Heath.

We use Tesco and Homebase on a regular basis and visit Horsham at least once a week for our main shopping and to go to The Capitol.

Any diversion of traffic from the existing route will not only result in increased traffic congestion but will also result in more pollution.

For the benefit of ourselves and others who may have missed the previous published information could you please reprint full details of the proposed scheme including a map/drawing, the intended date for the works and the reasoning given by Horsham/West Sussex Councils for the work. Please also supply information on how objections can be made.

R.A. Wheals

Rowner Road, Billingshurst

Editor’s note: our article at

includes diagrams of the changes.

A Google search for ‘Broadbridge Heath road changes’ and ‘West of Horsham road changes’ shows further past articles on the topic.

Concerns may be raised via the relevant local authorities and elected councillors.