Online get-fit challenge

A TECHNOLOGY company set up by a team of Horsham-based entrepreneurs has developed an online health challenge that gets people fit and raises money for charities.

Activity4Charity uses latest sensor technology and a web platform to encourage participants to get more physically active by setting daily step targets and raising sponsorship.

Participants are challenged to walk 10,000 steps a day for a six week period, the equivalent of 200 miles.

Founder Adrian Murrell said: “Using our technology we wanted to make a fun challenge that helps people get fit.

“The key is encouraging people to do more exercise in their everyday routine, not just at weekends and charity sponsorship is a great way to get motivated.”

In a recent challenge during October, the participants walked a total of 6.5m steps and generated £3,200 for charity.

Teams of three competed for greatest distance covered and most money raised.

Susan, one of the participants and someone who often works from home, said: “Until I took the challenge, I had no idea how little walking I do when I work from home.

“I’ve now made some changes to my daily routine and feel so much fitter.

Activity4Charity plans its next challenge starting on January 30, 2012.

Anyone who wants to get fit after Christmas and raise money for a good cause, or local companies interested in a new team building scheme, can find out more at