Novartis axe 500 jobs from Horsham site

SHOCKED employees at Novartis say they are ‘preparing for the worst’ after the news that jobs will be cut at the site in Horsham.

One employee, who has been at the site for three years and asked not to be named, said staff were left shocked by the announcement, adding: “The staff feel betrayed because as employees we work very hard and we are very disappointed, it shows a lack of commitment to the UK economy.

“The employees are very skilled and we feel our facilities are not being exploited enough.

“On Tuesday at midday, we were told that we would be called into a meeting at 9am the next day.

“A team from Switzerland came over and delivered the news to staff.

“There will be a consultation but we are preparing for the worst.

“Employees think they are doing this to save money but it doesn’t make sense because in America salaries are a lot higher.”

Another member of staff, who has worked for Novartis for 20 years, said: “Many other companies support Novartis and this will impact on them and the local community.

“We were called together to announce the start of a two-year shutdown of the site.

“They have given little information at this stage, a 90 day consultation is to follow.”

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