No truth behind rumour of threat to historic post boxes

Horsham is great!
Horsham is great!

RUMOURS that an historic Victorian post box in Horsham was threatened with removal have been quashed this week by Royal Mail.

After hearing the old post box in the Causeway could be decommissioned, Horsham councillor Christian Mitchell (Con, Holbrook West) contacted the County Times.

We were also contacted by reader Robert Worley concerned that Royal Mail was taking boxes out of use without consultation. He reported that a post box at Elm Grove and another in Depot Road, Horsham were both currently out of use.

However, on investigation by this newspaper, the Royal Mail Group confirmed none of the district’s post boxes, however historic, were under threat. But the issue has highlighted the passion readers have for the small items of history that make Horsham district the place it is today.

Mr Mitchell said: “Horsham is rich with history and beauty and one of the town’s charms is that sometimes this is not always so obvious.

“For me, one of Horsham’s hidden gems is a quaint Victorian post box, or wall box, located right by St Mary’s Church. This can only be described as rare ruby in one of many jewels set in the Causeway, which is Horsham’s crown.

“But this post box is about more than its beauty and history. It’s a working item.”

Mr Mitchell added: “I do encourage all to seek out this treasured post box and to use it so that future generations can continue to enjoy the richness that it brings to the street scene and benefit from its use.”

John Steele from the Horsham Society said: “If the Royal Mail Group proposed decommissioning the box, we would campaign for it just blocked and not removed.”

Royal Mail spokesperson Valerie Antoine, who confirmed no boxes are in danger, said: “There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Royal Mail is removing post boxes in the Horsham area.”

She added that they are waiting for the door to the pillar box in Depot Road to be replaced before it can be used again and subsidence has caused the box in Elm Grove to be out of use temporarily.