No place like Sussex for photographer

sussex wildlife
sussex wildlife

PERCHED on the boundary of the South Downs National Park, sits the home of a self taught wildlife photographer from Kent who has travelled the world but spent his life in awe of the Sussex countryside.

After moving to Sussex ten years ago and eventually to Henfield 18 months ago, David Plummer is infatuated with his new home.

I went to visit the 43-year-old former policeman at his bungalow and as we sat on two deck chairs at the top of a majestic garden looking onto the countryside, I had no difficulty in understanding David’s passion for wildlife.

“Ultimately I always wanted to live in the countryside. I’d been obsessed with wildlife since I was a kid. My first memories are playing with woodlice.”

At about 27, David realised he didn’t want to be a policeman and started to take the hobby more seriously and kept part time jobs to keep his dream afloat, such as running a gym in London which he agreed was an ‘unsuccessful venture’.

David can now focus all his attention on his photography and runs tours abroad for amateur photographers in countries such as Brazil, Galapagus, Rowanda, and Kenya.

“I love going away, it’s incredible, but I don’t like to go away for long periods of time because I miss this,” he said nodding toward his serene garden.

David does charity work and paid work for many wildlife charities including the Sussex Wildlife Trust, RSPB, and WWF as well as running photography workshops in Sussex.

When asked about his education he had little positive to say.

“Pretty poor. I have taught myself everything I know. I strongly believe that being a good wildlife photographer is 15 per cent the photography and 85 per cent every thing else, such as being able to lure the animals and capture them behaving naturally.”

David and his partner Lindsay, 30, appear to have found themselves a countryside lover’s paradise and David does not sniff at his success.

“It’s an amazing job because if I wasn’t doing it for money I would be doing it anyway so it’s great to get paid for the thing I love.”