No ‘done deal’ with Tesco

HOR 141111 Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre. photo by derek martin
HOR 141111 Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre. photo by derek martin
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HORSHAM District Council has confirmed it has had conversations with Tesco about expanding on to the site occupied by the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre.

But although there have been discussions with Tesco, other retailers like John Lewis at Home are also being tipped as possible tenants for a major new retail unit there.

Tesco this week declined to comment and Mr Nye said he could not release further information given the confidential and commercial sensitivities of any discussions.

But the County Times understands that there is no ‘done deal’ with Tesco for the site and a whole range of potential big names remain possibilities - if the closure plans are finally approved.

The leisure centre is under threat of closure and demolition as the council seeks to extract maximum value from the site.

The land is worth about £25m - and could provide a rental income of about £1.5m per year to the council as well as releasing a significant capital sum to upgrade leisure facilities across the whole district, leader Robert Nye confirmed to the County Times this week.

Despite mounting public opposition to the demolition, Mr Nye said if the current proposals were accepted it was likely one large retail unit would be constructed on the site and rented out and a couple of smaller units sold.

The full interview with Mr Nye along with the latest public reaction to the closure news appears in this week’s County Times.