Nikon School training puts girls in the picture

Farlington girls taking part in a photography workshop at Nikon School
Farlington girls taking part in a photography workshop at Nikon School

On Thursday 20th June 2014, fifteen Year 8 girls from Farlington’s ICT Club spent a fun and photography-filled day at the Nikon School in central London.

The girls spent the day with Neil Freeman, Nikon School’s Training Manager, who gave them a comprehensive and practical introduction to getting the most from a digital SLR camera.

Each armed with a Nikon camera, the girls learnt about the three elements of managing exposure: shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

On the streets outside the school they were asked to take two shots - one of a sharp image of a moving vehicle and another of a blurred image with a sharp background. They soon discovered that in order to achieve this they needed to alter the shutter speed. Next, they moved on to aperture and controlling depth of field. Again, they experimented on the London streets and took some interesting shots, learning how to get a completely sharp photograph and how to blur the background to a chosen feature.

In the afternoon they concentrated on portraiture and lighting, taking it in turns to model and shoot, both in the studio and outside. The girls gained a great deal from the hands-on workshop and are keen to apply their new skills to the Farlington Science photography competition.

Report and pictures contributed by Farlington School