New Year’s Day babies give Horsham mothers ‘happy’ start to year

JPCT 070113 S14020954x New year baby -photo by Steve Cobb

Two Horsham mums started the year in the best way possible - with the birth of a baby.

Ava Lily Anderson and Frankie Eve Ki Davidson, pictured together above, were both born in the early hours of January 1 at East Surrey Hospital.

Kerry Kosgrove, 31, gave birth to Frankie at 12.11am.

Frankie was joined by Ava at 1.20am, born to mother Nicole Curtis, 26.

First-time mother Kerry said: “She is settling in already, but we are getting lots of sleepless nights and getting used to waking up every two hours.

“It’s not going to be a new year’s tradition!

“Everyone is really happy and surprised because she was early.”

The two mothers agreed that having a baby on New Year’s Day was special.

Nicole, who has a son aged four, said: “We missed out on the New Year’s Eve party!

“I don’t know how they will feel on their 18th birthdays.”

Kerry added: “They will have to wait outside the pub until it turns 12.00 to celebrate!”

Frankie was born earlier than expected while Ava was two days late.

Frankie weighed 5lbs 14oz and Ava 6lb 11oz.

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