New West Sussex statistics published


A vast number and range of statistics regarding Horsham and the rest of West Sussex are included in a new report, published today on the county council’s website.

West Sussex Life 2013 is packed with facts and figures on topics including population, housing, the economy, education and skills, technology, and health and wellbeing.

West Sussex Life was first published last year with the aim of providing a range of statistics and information about the county in one place in a simple and accessible format.

The report has already proved a useful resource with the information being used by residents and communities working to improve the areas in which they live.

In a foreword to the report Louise Goldsmith, leader of West Sussex County Council, states: “We continue to live in difficult economic times, and it remains important to understand the changing landscape of the county, socially, economically and environmentally, in order that we can focus on the things that make a positive difference to our communities.

“This year’s report shows encouraging signs of growth, particularly around our economy and the number of new business start-ups.

“Adult participation in sport is also on the increase, while reports of crime and anti-social behaviour continue to fall across the county.”

The West Sussex Life webpages include a feedback survey.

Louise added: “We value information about what people or organisations have used the report for, what they found useful, as well as ideas and suggestions for improvements.”

The report indicates that by 2035 the total population for West Sussex is expected to reach 954,700 people, an increase of more than 145,000 on the current 2011 census estimate.

The report also highlights that 80 per cent of people in West Sussex feel satisfied with life, slightly higher than the South East region and England as a whole.

The proportion of 16-64 year-olds in West Sussex is 61 per cent, which is lower than that of both the South East region and England and Wales as a whole.