New training session for mans best friend launched near Storrington

JPCT 200215 S15080045x Sussex County Dog Training at Clayton Kennels -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-150220-112535001
JPCT 200215 S15080045x Sussex County Dog Training at Clayton Kennels -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-150220-112535001

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

From obedience classes to agility training or just doing the odd stunt for fun a company who specialises in teaching our canine friends new tricks is set to start brand new training sessions near Storrington

Sussex County Dog training have announced they will be taking over the dog training classes at Barking Sussex, behind Old Clayton Kennels, after the previous member who ran the sessions at the centre was forced to step down.

The company currently hosts dog training classes at centres in Chichester, Bognor Regis and other surrounding villages.

Trainer Miranda Batterbee (KCAI/APDT 1083) said the move closer to Storrington was a step in the right direction as they could now cater more easily for the people in the area who attend their classes at these other centres.

She said: “It is an exciting opportunity for us. It is about sharing what we do with everyone over here. One of our customers who works as a vet in the area told us we need to come here so we did.

“It is good as we can bring all of it over here. We are excited about the training we offer and we are excited about coming to this new area.”

The company was set up by Miranda and business partner Jeff Sasse (APDT 01084).

Jeff explained it was his background in training search and rescue dogs that led him to create the company.

“I come from a background with search and rescue teams. I was training the dogs at Alsar Search Dogs in my spare time.

“I want to show the techniques used for search and rescue dogs works with other dogs. I took my hobby into my job.”

But how exactly do you train mans best friend? There have been many tried and tested methods over the years with some people punishing their pets for doing something wrong whilst others have tried using treats as positive reinforcement to make sure their animals know what is right and what is wrong.

For both Jeff and Miranda the later option is the one they feel works best and is something they have founded their company on.

Jeff said: “There is a misconception in dog training. We don’t use punishment we try to use good management and rewards.

“If you want a dog to come back, if you give it a reward when it does come back it will want to keep coming back.”

Miranda added: “If they get rewarded for doing the right thing they will do it again. Positive reinforcement is so much easier than punishment.

“It is all about fun.”

The training sessions will be starting this Tuesday (March 10).

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