New technology causes early morning problems


A new survey has revealed that 75% of people in the South East struggle to get out of bed in the morning – with 40% reaching straight for the snooze button!

South East residents spend an average of ten minutes in bed after waking, and much of that time is taken up by mobile technology: whilst just 6% read a book or newspaper whilst still in bed, 24% immediately check their mobile phone for new text messages.

Indeed it seems that the nation is quite literally ‘getting into bed’ with technology: 52% of those surveyed within the South East admitted that they used a tablet or mobile device to text, email or read immediately upon waking or just before going to sleep.

But far from helping people to drift off at night, such devices could in fact be standing in the way of restful sleep – as Dr Nick Read explains: “The artificial light emitted by mobile or tablet screens can suppress levels of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate our circadian rhythm, or ‘body clock’. Melatonin encourages sleep by activating chemical receptors in the brain, and so if we are exposed to light and the hormone is suppressed, we may find it far harder to drift off to sleep.

“Sleep should be a time for ‘switching off’ in every sense – so I would advise people to either refrain from using tablets and mobiles just before going to sleep – or at least dim the backlight on devices. This will give your mind a better chance of winding down, so that you wake up relaxed, refreshed and ready for the day ahead!”