New student leadership at The Weald

Some of the community captains pictured with the recycling bin
Some of the community captains pictured with the recycling bin

In September this school year a new type of student leadership was established at The Weald School called Community Captains.

We have been drawn together from all of the five school houses. The community captains have the role of promoting our school within the community and making a difference internally and externally in the local surrounding areas.

In order to do this, we meet regularly and discuss our ideas and plan ways that we can support the community and join in with community events whilst representing the school. Currently this term we have been busy planning a visit for the local care home residents that are visiting our school for a Christmas party. There will be singing from the students as well as lots of refreshments made by the students in the food tech department.

Also this term we have been developing ways to improve our environmental credentials. One of the things that we have decided to do is encourage recycling within our school. As part of this we ordered new recycling paper bins which will go alongside each main printer within the school. To advertise this we ran a poster competition where the students were asked to design a poster advertising recycling. The winner was Stelios Pavlou with his very eye-catching poster. This will go on the front of each bin. Every week student representatives will go around the school and collect the paper from each of the bins. This project will mean that our school becomes more eco-friendly and hopefully waste less and reduce landfill wastage.

This is only the start of what we aim to do and we will be doing more in the near future.

Report and picture contributed by Hannah Haines, Year 10