New boys enjoy good start at Forest with Discovery Week

The Forest School pupils enjoy Discovery Week
The Forest School pupils enjoy Discovery Week

Year 7 pupils at the Forest School are back in the classroom with new friends and great memories from their week of outdoor learning during the school’s recent ‘Discovery Week’.

After an overnight two-day stay at Lodge Hill Activity Centre and a day of watersports activities at Southwater Country Park, the boys are settling back into the classroom with their new friends, feeling confident and happy about their start at Forest.

“Discovery Week is an important part of our transition programme,” said Lyn Moss, who leads the Transition Team at Forest. “Pupils have the opportunity to get to know staff and their Community Leader, as well as forge new friendships, many of which will stay with them throughout their time at the Forest.”

Year 7 Marconi Pupil Toby said: “It was great fun. Lodge Hill was the best because we got to stay over. We made new friends and got to know our Community Leader.”

“Tunnelling was really fun because it was underground and pitch black!” he added.

Boy’s had the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities including outdoor art workshops, tunnelling, low ropes, raft-building and kayaking, working with new friends, overcoming challenges and learning together. The fantastic evening entertainment was provided by the brilliant youth team from Kingdom Faith Church.

Laura Ward, Community & Enrichment Manager, went on to add: “Our transition process really supports the boys as they make the big step up to secondary school. This summer we introduced the ‘Forest Summer School’, which allowed a number of the boys to really get settled and comfortable in the school before they joined us in September.

“It was great fun and something that we will definitely be running next year.”

Report and pictures contributed by the Forest School.