New Beer Shop set to open in time for Christmas

Andy Hepworth. Photo: Toby Phillips
Andy Hepworth. Photo: Toby Phillips

A new shop for beer-lovers opens its doors on Thursday (December 8) near Pulborough.

Hepworth’s New Brewery successfully re-located to custom-built premises in Stane Street, just north of Pulborough, and is able to produce three times as much of the award winning brews.

The Brewery Shop will be open from today, just in time for beer lovers to stock up for Christmas.

Andy Hepworth, managing director and head brewer, said: “We’re just selling a range of beers until the New Year and will fit out the shop more fully in the spring.

“It’s taken much more energy than we had anticipated settling in to the new premises and increasing production to meet demand, so the shop had to be put on the back burner for a while.”

Andy added that demand is high, with the low rate of sterling boosting exports.

Norway, where the sale of alcohol is the preserve of the State, continues to increase and favoured brand is Iron Horse, a Pale Ale at 4.8%.

Russia has opted for a wide range of bottles and two draught ales, Conqueror at 4.5%, and Iron Horse at 4.8%.

“We have to work quite hard on the export side,” said Andy.

“The paperwork can be a little alarming and time-consuming, but response from our customers is very rewarding. We are expecting to expand our overseas markets. But our true priority is essentially local – and we see the shop as an important contact with all our well-wishers and loyal customers. Cheers!”