Never ending music at Farlington

Farlington girls and staff performing
Farlington girls and staff performing

Farlington School is running its first Musical Marathon where the music will not stop for 12 hours on Tuesday June 26.

Pupils and teachers will be taking part in a huge variety of musical events, starting with ‘Cappuccino with Chopin’ at 8.30am and culminating with our ‘Magnificent, Mellifluous Music-Hall’ which finishes at 8.30pm.

Throughout the day there will be numerous concerts and performances at the school in Strood Park. Horsham.

Outside visitors are welcome to the lunchtime concert at 1.10pm where classical show-stoppers will be performed as well as the Promenade Concert at 2.30pm which will celebrate music from around the world.

This event celebrates the importance of music at Farlington where it is an intrinsic part of daily life, from morning assembly to public concerts.

The school boasts numerous choirs for girls of all ages, various orchestras and ensembles, plus tuition in a huge range of instruments.

Tickets are available on the door and full details of the day’s programme are on the Music section of the website at

Contributed by Farlington School