Neighbours enjoy 1920s style party

The 1920s style party at Trafalgar Road Baptist Church, Horsham
The 1920s style party at Trafalgar Road Baptist Church, Horsham

Neighbours in Trafalgar Road, Horsham, celebrated HM Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday with ‘Tea at the Ritz’ on Sunday June 12 at Trafalgar Road Baptist Church (TRBC).

Young people, dressed as 1920s waitresses or gangsters, served tea to the guests at tables laid out with white cloths and vintage china. Cream teas, homemade cakes and delicate sandwiches were served on cake stands. A short church service preceded the party with a slide show illustrating Her Majesty’s life. The service included prayers of thanks to God for a life of dedication and the congregation sang ‘I vow to thee my country’. ‘Ready Assembled’ puppets sang a rousing rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’. A specially produced booklet called ‘The Servant Queen and the King She Serves’ had been purchased by members of TRBC and given out to the neighbourhood with the party invitation.

TRBC member Margaret Davies, who inspired the event, said: “We wanted to welcome our neighbours and have fun together as well as celebrate the Queen’s birthday.”

The inside of the church had been transformed by bold art deco decorations and live 1920s music was provided by pianist Ste ve Davies and singer/saxophonist David Chester. 38 teapots, 164 china cups and saucers, 34 milk jugs were loaned by members and friends of the church and were all washed up by hand at the end of the party!