Nature reserve closed due to ‘high winds’

Opening of the new eco-hut at Woods Mill Nature Reserve in July 2017. Picture: Miles Davies/Sussex Wildlife

The Woods Mill Nature Reserve, in Henfield, has been closed to visitors today due to high winds, according to the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

In a tweet, Sussex Wildlife Trust said: “Sorry we’ve had to close our Woods Mill nature reserve to visitors today due to high winds.

“It’s a bit grim out there.”

A statement on its website added: “We cannot admit any visitors to the reserve.”

Woods Mill is the headquarters of Sussex Wildlife Trust and an environmental education centre.

In July 2017 it opened a new echo hut to inspire visitors to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles.

A spokesman for Sussex Wildlife Trust said they hope the nature reserve will be back open tomorrow morning.

She said: “We make a decision on whether to close judging on the winds speeds. Our guidelines say we should close if winds reach a force four, six or seven and our reader is currently indicating a force eight wind.
“We have taken the decision to close because of the dangers posed by falling tree branches. It is unlikely trees are going to fall in this weather but we have closed as a precaution.

“We will check the wind speeds but I would image we will be back open by tomorrow morning.”

The nature reserve is commonly used by children on schools trips but no trips were planned today or this week during half term.

Visitors are not required to pay to view the reserve throughout the year.

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