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National Green Week
National Green Week

A mum, wife and director of a Horsham based video production company, Take One Productions, Carrie Cort has set up Sussex Green Living - a community website, network and green children’s club in her spare time.

In National Green Week (3rd to 9th February) she is launching their 2014 Green West Sussex Assault!

They are kicking off the week by helping the William Penn Primary School in Coolham with various green activities including a second hand school uniform sale and the launch of an organic fruit and vegetable bag scheme.

These activities will raise awareness of the need to reuse clothing, buying healthy locally grown food and it will raise money for the school.

Then to conclude National Green Week Sussex, Green Living are taking their recycled stand on Saturday 8th February to the Transition Worthing’s (5th) Spring Seed Swap, Sow, Grow & Food fair at Oak Grove College.

Carrie says: “When we go to shows it is a family affair, my Mum, husband and six-year-old son come out too and help. I have been known to rope in my niece and her boyfriend too”.

She continues: “Through the website other families have formed a close network and a couple of them come out and help on the stand when family commitments allow”.

The stand and its recycled robots show what people in West Sussex can and can’t recycle in their household bins.

They sell products for the garden and home made out of recycled and up-cycled waste resources, children’s book about recycling and the environment. Also selling beautiful jewelry and bags made out of up-cycled waste resources, made by and raising money for the Philippine Community Fund.

This green voluntary community initiative is asking local people to do their bit in National Green Week and volunteer a little time to help with a plastic bottle top sorting session.

Through their Sussex Greener Living campaign they divert 11 landfill waste resources into a special recycling scheme which in turn raises money for 5 charities/not for profit organisations. One of the waste resources being plastic bottle tops.

Carrie says: “The voluntary work is easy and a lightweight activity, it could even be done in the person’s own home.

“Plastic bottle tops are made of petroleum which takes millions of years to form, if this plastic is sent to landfill it will take 300-1000 years if ever, to biodegrade into something we could use again”.

Plastic bottle tops are made of many different types of plastic and it is only the bottle tops with a 2 or a 4 printed on the lid which we can recycle through this special scheme.

Often people put plastic bottle tops in their household recycling bin, but it is only the plastic bottles which can be recycled in this way.

Carrie concludes: “Sorting these plastic bottles tops is time consuming and I just don’t have the time, help needed please”.

More information about bottle top recycling can be found here

Potential volunteers should email

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Report and pictures contributed by Carrie Cort.