Music festival gets strict noise curfew

Underground music festival website screenshot
Underground music festival website screenshot

Noisy nights in September should be a thing of the past now assurance has been given a festival on the A24 will receive a strict noise curfew .

A West Grinstead Parish Council (WGPC) meeting has reassured that noise from a music festival will be under control following local uproar last year.

Dave Calvert, of West Grinstead, said there was a ‘lack of communication’ in 2011 about the fully licensed Underground Music Festival on the West Sussex Showground, Dial Post.

An order was put in place by Horsham District Council last September stipulating that if anyone complained about music after 11pm the volume would have to be turned down.

But many residents were unaware there was even going to be a festival taking place, let alone that there was an order in place to control noise.

Mr Calvert said: “This event took place for the first time last year, no one knew it would take place so when music persisted past midnight people got angry.

“It’s a small community out in the countryside and it seemed the council were powerless to stop it.”

Mr Calvert said when residents called HDC to complain they were diverted to an answer phone message which provided another number to call in ‘serious circumstances’.

WGPC met last Wednesday (June 6) and residents were informed that the noise abatement order would be put in place when the festival takes place this year from September 14 to 16. If concerned residents get through to the answer machine they are advised to call the emergency number given.

The UMF event organiser, Phil Senior, said he is ‘keen to build a strong working relationship with the local residents’.

“We have bridged a gap between ourselves and the local community. We have listened to the concerns of the residents, and have taken some positive steps to resolve the issues put towards us.”