Mushroom ‘pong’ site - new plan submission revise planning

Thakeham Mushrooms Ltd site''Picture Derek Martin
Thakeham Mushrooms Ltd site''Picture Derek Martin

A REVISED planning application for Thakeham Mushrooms is to be submitted to Horsham District Council before the end of April, to modernise the mushroom growing operation on the Chesswood site at Thakeham. A decision is expected to be made by the development control committee in July.

Plans for associated residential development on the Abingworth site remain unchanged because planning permission was granted in April last year.

A spokesman for Abingworth Developments, said: “The new plans for the mushroom business are a major step change in the modernisation of the existing operation. Monaghan Mushrooms, the new operator of Sussex Mushrooms, has proposed refurbishment of some buildings and the construction of new self-contained growing buildings that streamline the total mushroom growing operation within a single building.

“The most significant benefit for the Thakeham community is that this will mark the end of the infamous Thakeham Pong. Compost will be brought in from Monaghan’s compost manufacturing in Hampshire in sealed containers and transferred directly into the growing buildings, with no compost manufacturing at all in Thakeham.

“The spent compost will be similarly removed, eliminating on-site storage of another source of smells.”

More than half of the initial investment of more than £6.3 million, needs to be funded by the residential development on the Abingworth site.

The new plans will go on display before the Thakeham Parish Meeting next Monday in the village hall from 6.30-7.30pm.