Mum’s desperate battle to find a home for her disabled daughter

Nikki Clow with mum Jeany and stepdad Fred Wicking
Nikki Clow with mum Jeany and stepdad Fred Wicking

A woman whose ‘walking miracle’ daughter nearly died and was left disabled after an operation is now fighting to get her a home of her own.

Nikki Clow, 51, was in a coma for eight weeks after the op at East Surrey Hospital in November 2012. “She couldn’t move for several months,” said mum Jeany Wicking, 79, of Kings Road, Horsham.

Jeany was told Nikki needed specialist rehabilitation, but said she never received it. And in April 2013 Nikki - a former athlete and aerobics teacher - was moved to the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home in Worthing.

Now Nikki has been moved to ‘independent living’ accommodation in Pulborough - but mum Jeany is desperate to get Nikki moved nearer to her in Horsham.

Nikki herself says the situation has left her “practically suicidal.” She said she used to be a Size 10 aerobics teacher and had lived in Spain at one time where she was known as a ‘Costa Cutie’.

“Now,” she said, “I have lost my life. My life is gone. My whole health has been ruined.”

But mum Jeany describes Nikki as a ‘walking miracle’ after the ordeal she went through because of a penicillin allergy following her operation at East Surrey. “I was told that if she survived it was likely she would be brain damaged,” said Jeany.

But now, Nikki’s only physical disability means she needs to walk with a stick. “She is one of a very few who come out of this - 99 per cent don’t,” said Jeany.

But the stress of finding Nikki a permanent home is now taking a toll on Jeany and her husband Fred, 89, as well as Nikki herself.

“I have got to see her settled somewhere. It just seems appalling,” said Jeany.

“I want her to have a home in or near Horsham so she can have a little bit of pop-in care. I am nearly 80 and her stepfather is 89. My fear is what is going to happen to my daughter when we both go.

“She needs advice and guidance. She won’t be able to cope.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council, which is responsible for social care, said: “We are working closely with Miss Clow and have been liaising with the local Housing Associations on her behalf to help with her request to move to another area.

“Although the specific accommodation she has requested is unsuitable due to her age, we will continue to work with Miss Clow and her parents to support her.”