MP sounds alarm at huge rise in prices of heating oil

ROCKETING prices and a reduction in deliveries has left people desperately searching for heating oil across the Horsham district.

Residents in the South Downs area, where many homes use heating oil, have been particularly hard hit.

Nick Herbert, Conservative MP for Arundel and South Downs, said this week: “Many of my constituents who live in rural areas outside towns or larger villages rely on oil to heat their homes. And they’ve been up in arms about price rises.

“A Cowfold resident told me that he had gone ‘from stunned to angry’ that the cost has almost doubled in three months.

“Five hundred litres of oil now costs well over £300 and prices are still rising. And as another constituent pointed out, this is for delivery in three weeks’ time.

“An immediate delivery will cost you £1 a litre - if you can get it. And these prices appear to be far higher in West Sussex than in Scotland.

“All of the local people who have contacted me point out that there’s no apparent relationship between the price of crude oil, which although rising is way off its peak, and these charges.

“Consumers of mains gas have the protection of a regulator. But the 1.5m who rely on oil are at the mercy of the suppliers.’’

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