Motorist warns pothole could have killed him

David Alford  - his car hit a pothole. Photo by Derek Martin
David Alford - his car hit a pothole. Photo by Derek Martin

A HORSHAM pensioner has appealed to motorists to be vigilant as he says a pothole in Rusper’s Horsham Road could have killed him and his wife.

David Alford, a retired police officer from Lanyon Close in north Horsham, said he lost control of his car after hitting the pothole, causing him to swerve across the road into the other lane.

The pothole in Horsham Road near Rusper.

The pothole in Horsham Road near Rusper.

He and his wife Pauline thankfully avoided a collision as no cars were passing in the opposite direction, but they were both extremely shaken up after the incident.

“It was like hitting a kerb or a house brick,” he said. “To be honest I feel just angry by the fact that it was reported and they have ignored it.”

While his wife was uninjured, Mr Alford suffered neck and shoulder injuries. He said they were lucky not to have died.

The next day he went back and was horrified to see the size of the pothole he had driven over and by coincidence spoke to a home owner who had already reported the pothole to the county council.

The home owner had been told by West Sussex County Council they would get back to him within ten days, yet he said he received no such communication.

A spokesperson for WSCC said: “I can confirm we have just inspected the area and arranged for the pothole to be repaired as soon as possible.”

The pothole had been filled in by Monday April 23, having been reported on March 26. The intervention depth for a pothole is 40mm, which WSCC say them aim to fix within 28 days, while those measuring 100mm are given priority.

Mr Alford warned motorists to be alert for potholes in the road, and urged residents to report them to the council immediately.

“This has happened to me it could happen to you,” he explained.

The home owner who reported the pothole, said: “Living in the countryside in Rusper most of the roads in and out of the village potholes do appear and I do accept that the council can’t get to every one immediately as and when they are reported. They should make an effort if they can’t repair it to put a warning sign up.”

To report a pothole call WSCC on 01243 642105 or visit their website