Mother leaves crowd in a spin after performance

Lisa performing her hoola hoop trick by Jack Apon pic 1
Lisa performing her hoola hoop trick by Jack Apon pic 1

A mother of three has left audiences in a spin after performing her ‘amazing hula hoop act’ at the circus in Horsham last week.

Lisa Sampson, 34, from Upper Beeding, was invited by Circus Wonderland to join them in special performances in the south show casing her unique hula hoop act.

Her show consists of spinning the 40-50 hoops at the same time on different parts of her body as well as passing through a ring of hoops whilst standing up.

The opportunity for members of the public to perform at the circus is very rare, making Lisa’s performance a once in a life time achievement.

Lisa said: “I went to watch one of their shows last year and got talking to them about hula hooping.

“They asked me if I would like to do a few shows and I agreed.”

Lisa has been involved in shows at Shoreham as well as the ones she performed in at Horsham.

She said how much she enjoyed performing in them all.

“I was very nervous and I was still nervous after I had done a few shows in Shoreham. In Horsham though it was a totally different experience.

“It was nice as I had some friends from Horsham come down. They started shouting my name which was nice but I was like, do not put me off.

“I did enjoy it. I must have enjoyed it as there are pictures of me smiling.

“It was quite nice to hear people cheering.”

Lisa started hula hooping two years ago and used her children’s hoops to practice while they were at school.

She said she chose hula hooping as it offered a lot more variety than other sports .

“I have always been sporty but nothing ever really stuck,” she said. “I love hula hooping because there is so much you can do and there are lots of different tricks you can learn.

“It was a really good experience and it was really great to be part of the circus.”