Mother finds crafty way to make money

Sam Lord with her Home Sweet Style items
Sam Lord with her Home Sweet Style items

A mother of two and part time carer with a fetish for hearts has made a business selling crafts and gifts from her home in Southwater.

Home Sweet Style is an online shop set up by wife and husband, Sam and Chris Lord, of Station Road, after Sam was inspired during a dull winter.

“After Christmas this year I was starting to get that depressed February feeling when I decided I wanted to do something worthwhile, that I love, and enjoy.

“Plus I had kind of a heart fetish and I needed a way to let that out because my house was filling up with all sorts of heart shaped decorations.

“Then one morning I woke up with this idea and I jumped on it and went full speed on it.”

Chris, who works in IT full time, designed and had the website up and running within a month, and it quickly built a loyal customer base.

The couple have two young sons - Daniel, 11, and Leo, seven - and Sam works as a community carer four days a week.

The entrepreneurial mother now has a full schedule making personalised decorations, cushions, and house gifts.

“I love to be busy all the time,” explained Sam. “The kids are good at letting me get on with making things in the evening and sometimes I let them join in by giving them some scrap material to be creative with.

“Everybody’s struggling at the moment and this is a great way for me to let out my artistic side and hopefully set up a future for myself.

“I customise lots of my items and I always make sure I’m selling things that can’t be found in other shops nearby. Also, I never buy any material or button more than once so once it’s gone it’s gone.”

Sam will be showcasing her range of products at the Southwater trampolining Autumn fair at the village leisure centre on Sunday September 16.

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