‘Millennium Mural’ in new public location

The Millenium Mural on show at the Drill Hall
The Millenium Mural on show at the Drill Hall

A painted mural of how Horsham looked during the millennium which was displayed in the Town Hall for more than a decade has been moved to a new location.

The ‘Millennium Mural’, painted by the Horsham Painting Group, was unveiled in 2001 for permanent public exhibition following a government grant under the ‘Millenium Festival Awards for All’ programme.

However, with the use of the Town Hall changing, a new location had to be found so that the mural could still be on public view.

Following the group’s discussion with the council, the mural is now on view inthe Drill Hall in Denne Road, Horsham.

David Archer, member of the Horsham Painting Group, said: “Obviously there was a bit of a worry that if it was left in the Town Hall it might get damaged but we are very pleased about the new location.”

A spokesperson for Horsham District Council said: “The Millennium Mural was moved because the Town Hall is being refurbished to become a Bill’s Restaurant.

 “The artwork is very large and suits a large space such as the Drill Hall, which is largely used for community use so the public can see it.”

The mural took 14 months to complete by 32 members of the group and covers more than 25 painted Horsham locations ranging from the arts centre to the parish church.

Mr Archer added: “It’s become almost a social statement of Horsham as it was in the year 2000 which is altering all the time.”

“For instance I painted the arts centre and it’s completely different now to what it was ten or 12 years ago but you don’t remember. It’s amazing.”

For more information about the group visit www.horshampaintinggroup.co.uk