Merry May Day at Storrington First School

Morris Men at Storrington school
Morris Men at Storrington school

RECEPTION and year one children of Storrington First School had a real treat when the Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men visited the school on May Day.

The Morris Men had welcomed in the May Day dawn at Chanctonbury Ring on Tuesday May 1 and after a demonstration they taught the teachers and all of the 100 Reception and year one children how to dance.

Amy Evans, class teacher, said: “It is vital to develop children’s awareness of different cultures and this was a fun and exciting way to develop children’s understanding of how the English celebrate May Day.”

Holly, who’s four, said: “I felt really happy when I was dancing with the Morris Men,”

Five-year-old Alex said: “The teachers were dancing and they had to wear the hats and they had bells on their legs. It was great.”

Contributed by Storrington First School