MEP said we could ‘survive outside EU’ at West Chiltington meet

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An MEP visited West Chiltington last week to tell fellow Conservatives that they need to be ‘optimistic and inspirational’ in the run up to elections.

County councils should be given increased powers under a new political and economic order which would follow our exit from the European Union - said Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament for South East England, during a campaign supper in West Chiltington on Saturday (March 22) with Horsham district and county councillors.

Organised by the West Chiltington branch of the Arundel and South Downs Conservative Association, the event saw Mr Hannan tell his audience that despair seems to be hard wired into our national DNA but the Conservative Party needs to be optimistic and inspirational in the run up to the national and local elections.

He said it was nonsense, in his view, that the UK could not survive outside the EU when it had the seventh largest economy in the world and was the world’s fourth strongest military power.

By tying ourselves to the EU, he said, we were linked to the only customs union in the world whose overall economy was shrinking.

He claimed leaving the EU would give the UK the opportunity to link to the growth economies of the Commonwealth and the wider world.

Mr Hannan also told his audience that the future for the UK lay in bi-lateral agreements with the EU to maintain the advantages of the European internal market without the need to subscribe to those aspects of the EU which undermine our economic performance and our ability to trade effectively with the wider world.