Meeting in Henfield about plans for 102 homes

Plans for 102 homes in henfield
Plans for 102 homes in henfield

CONTROVERSIAL plans to build 102 new homes on a green field site in Henfield have been condemned as ‘madness’ by angry local campaigners.

The application, submitted by Welbeck Lane Ltd, proposes four, three and two bedroom houses, as well as two bedroom apartments, to be built on the field east of Manor Close.

Justine Johnstone, co-ordinator of Henfield’s Own Preservation Society (HOPS), said: “People should have the right to choose to live in a city, town or village. Turning villages into towns is not the answer.

“The traffic situation in the High Street is already dire - a single lorry delivery or bus stopping brings the entire flow to a halt.”

“It is madness to suggest that Henfield can accommodate a vastly expanded car using population.”

A petition opposing the application has been uploaded to the HDC planning website, along with over 20 letters from people living in the village.

All object to the plans on the grounds of over development, strain on the existing infrastructure and increased traffic.

HDC has now extended the deadline for comments to November 30 2011, and Henfield Parish Council is organising a public meeting to get the views of its community before responding to the application.

Parish chairman Ray Osgood said: “This is a major development proposal on an existing green field site which has attracted a lot of interest from Henfield residents.

“The parish council wishes to provide an opportunity to residents to express their views which will assist the council in formulating its response.”

The meeting will be held in Henfield Hall, High Street tonight (Tuesday, November 15) at 7.15pm.