Medieval Menu in Horsham on Saturday

HORSHAM Local Produce Market and Horsham District Council have collaborated to produce a unique Medieval Menu which will be offered free to all visitors to the English Festival this Saturday May 7 in Horsham town centre.

The menu offers an entertaining take on the history and culture around medieval foodstuffs, from meats, fish and olive oils, to baked breads, vegetables, honey, and treats and sweets. 

Local produce is benefiting from a real revival nowadays with more awareness of green issues and an appetite from customers who want to know where their food has come from.

Whilst the Medieval Menu offers a step back in time there is also a clear link to the thriving market of today and demonstrates that the Horsham Local Produce Market still embraces local, fresh and organic produce, readily available every Saturday and Thursday throughout the year.

Both the Carfax and Bishopric markets will be stepping back in time on Saturday and it won’t take much to hunt down some fabulous medieval produce.

The Medieval Market Menu is on offer as part of the annual and well-established Day of Dance and English Festival on Saturday May 7, supported by Horsham District Council and organised by the Broadwood Morris Men who will be entertaining the crowds in Horsham town centre on the same day.

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