Married couples among highest in Horsham district

JPCT S12370019X Horsham. Carfax. Cafe culture -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT S12370019X Horsham. Carfax. Cafe culture -photo by Steve Cobb

The proportion of single people in the Horsham district is the lowest across West Sussex according to national census figures.

Meanwhile the number of people married in Horsham, 59,076, is the 22nd highest percentage, at 55.3 per cent, of the total population among local authorities in England and Wales.

The proportion of single people in the district is 26.1 per cent, the lowest percentage across the county.

Of the 54,923 households, 20,486 own their homes outright, with 20,440 having mortgages.

Just under 700 rent their property from the local authority, while 5,772 privately rent from a landlord, one of the lowest numbers in the country.

Under household composition 7,456 homes are occupied by one person over 65, with 8,020 with one occupant under 65.

The number of households with a married couple with no children, at 8,489, is the 45th highest proportion among local authorities, while there are 2,474 lone parents with dependent children in the Horsham district, the 26th lowest figure in England and Wales.

Of the 94,318 economically active persons in Horsham, 13,926 are in part-time employment, 38,028 in full-time, and 12,211 self-employed, the 58th highest figure.

Just 227 people have never worked, while 965 are classed as long-term unemployed.

Car ownership in the district is the 18th highest across England and Wales, with 6,497 people not owning a car or van, while the proportion of households with two to four vehicles all rank Horsham district in the top 30.