Market director sings town’s praises

Horsham is great!
Horsham is great!

THE DIRECTOR of Horsham Markets has joined the County Times campaign to celebrate all that is great about Horsham.

PJ Aldred wrote to the County Times encouraging people to visit the town’s ‘unique markets’ every Thursday and Saturday in Bishopric and in the Carfax on Saturdays.

She said: “Horsham is home to a busy mixed Market in the Bishopric with fruit and veg, plants, cakes, meat, footwear, hats, hot food, haberdashery and even a speciality corner of European foods.

“Horsham also boasts one of the most unique markets in the country in the Carfax with a fabulous local produce, arts and crafts Market.

“Forget your usual Farmers’ Market, this is a real gem that has grown significantly.

“With all the produce being truly local, you cannot get more fresher produce or unique products. From artisan bread, farm veg, Sussex cheeses through to wonderful local arts and crafts, this market is rapidly becoming the ‘must visit’ of the town centre.

“The markets are also a fantastic breeding ground for the independent shopping culture in our town.

“More recently, the market’s own fishmonger has taken on a shop in the Carfax and many of the shops you see today in the town started on the market.

“Even our valued local newspaper sponsors some of the markets attractive gazebos in the Bishopric!

“So, with Horsham’s markets roots going right back to the 13th Century (and through the ages) with markets held in the Carfax and Bishopric, the towns residents and visitors can still enjoy value, local and unique produce.”