MAGAZINE: The bedroom of the future revealed

A new study released by The Sleep Council has asked the nation which of the predicted bedroom innovations they most look forward to in the future and according to the survey, the top five features that the nation would like to see become a reality in the future are:

1. Self-cleaning / bacteria resistant materials i.e. mattresses with self-sterilization systems (47%)

The bedroom of the future.

The bedroom of the future.

2. Heat/humidity adaptive materials i.e. mattresses that heat/cool in response to conditions (42%)

3. Smart Bed monitoring your vital statistics as you sleep i.e a bed that can warn you if you have an infection, an oncoming cold or if you are about to have a heart attack etc. (33%)

4. Seasonally adaptive lighting i.e. lights that turn on during the darker winter months to help you wake up in the morning (32%)

5. Energy-harvesting flooring and fixtures i.e. carpet that attracts the light and transfer this to useable energy (24%)

The study also triggered some more creative, optimistic and in some cases unusual responses as well, including: “A hologram of Mr Darcy to read to me”, “ambient Sounds; fall asleep to rainfall or wake to birdsong”, “in the future (when arthritis hits) a bed that raises me to standing position on awakening” and “a personally adapted supportive mattress that will ensure the body wakes up without aches and pains!”.