MAGAZINE: Masterchef v Bake off - the ultimate challenge for charity

The celebrities are assembled, wooden spoons are at the ready and the ingredients are laid out for a bake-off battle that will surely stir up a commotion.

In this charity event, five teams are challenged with creating the perfect accompaniment to a cup of Starbuck’s Guatemala-Antigua coffee.

Starbucks Bake Off final.

Starbucks Bake Off final.

The only rule was that they have to highlight the flavours that go best with the brew.

The teams were made up from past winners from Masterchef and the Great British Bake Off: Tim Anderson, Natalie Coleman, Jo Wheatley, Francis Quinn and Edd Kimber.

In this charity competition hosted by Starbucks, they are fighting for a donation to a charity of their own choice, which included World Vision, MicroLoan, Plan UK, Restless Development and Voluntary Service Overseas who all operate in the Guatemala region.

Watch the video to find out the result of this epic culinary contest!