A mad dash home to vote raises money for Horsham’s homeless

A student’s mad dash home from Wales to Horsham on the day of the election to vote has raised £275 for a homeless shelter.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 11:32 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 9:45 am
Meredith Howes-Yarlett presents the cheque to Horsham Matters’ Charity Superstore

Meredith Howes-Yarlett, an astrophysics student at Aberystwyth University, applied to vote in her home constituency of Horsham by postal vote.

However when the ballot failed to arrive after two applications she decided to race home.

Meredith planned a journey of hundreds of miles and five different trains to arrive in Horsham at 9.27pm, which would have allowed her just enough time to rush to the council offices before the 10pm deadline.

Her story spread across social media and she was cheered on by thousands online.

Inspired by her dedication to democracy, her mother Rodena set up a Crowdfunder page to raise money for the cost of her ticket, with any surplus donated to the Horsham Matters night shelter, which supports the homeless with food and shelter during winter.

Due to train delays, Meredith ended up missing the deadline to vote – but was able to present a cheque for £275 to the Horsham Matters’ Charity Superstore earlier this month.

Her mother Rodena Howes-Yarlett, said: “I am heartbroken for her, but stunned by her determination and so proud.”