Loxwood Community Gardens initiative

The oak sculpture in the Loxwood Community Gardens' Diamond Jubilee Garden
The oak sculpture in the Loxwood Community Gardens' Diamond Jubilee Garden

What has been happening in the Loxwood Community Gardens over the last few months?

Many changes and some pretty exciting additions. Firstly, we are now the proud owners of a magnificent oak sculpture, some three metres tall, in our Diamond Jubilee Garden.

This sculpture has been specifically designed to reflect some of the wildlife and the flora and fauna that can be found around the village of Loxwood.

At the base of the sculpture we have an otter swimming around in the Wey and Arun Canal.

Moving upwards we then have a badger popping his head out of his set and perched at the very top we have a beautiful barn own who is keeping a beady eye on what is happening in Station Road. In between these there are some fantastic carvings of a honeycomb with bees, some butterflies and a primrose, along with the year 2012 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee.

We would like to thank David Lucas of the Woodland Centre in West Hoathley, Sussex, for his fantastic chainsaw carving.

Not only do we have a new sculpture but over the summer months we have built a Bug Hotel known as the Loxwood Ritz.

Now this is established it will be attracting many bugs and beasties.

We have also added two bespoke compost bins which have already been put to good use. Once the compost is mature, we will use this on our raised beds and on our borders.

Our raised beds have been a real success producing a rich harvest from a very small area. We have produced many, many courgettes, a good number of Lollo Rosso and Iceburg lettuces along with some spring onions.

The raised herb garden has also produced an excellent harvest of mint, thyme, chives, rosemary and chervil.

All of this produce is available to anybody who would like to take the trouble to harvest it, as it is for general use for anybody in the village.

The layout and the design of this valuable community area is evolving as time passes.

The original shrub borders are now starting to mature allowing us to move some of the shrubs into other parts of the garden.

We have now extended our borders and planted many new shrubs and herbaceous plants along with over 700 spring flowering bulbs.

What of the future?

We are about to install an information board which will allow us to thank local organisations and individuals who have supported us to make this possible.

This board will include details of our work party dates and contact details to allow as many people as possible to join our organisation.

As for the future, we will be adding another seating area and a raised bed for growing vegetables as well as providing a play area for younger children which will include a log circle on bark chippings.